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GTD® Training for Teams

Based on the iconic bestseller by David Allen, the skills taught in Getting Things Done® have been shown to relieve cognitive load, allow for increased focus, even result in optimal experience and peak performance.

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GTD® Training

Crucial Learning is the exclusive provider of Getting Things Done® training in North America and we developed our coursework in partnership with David Allen and the David Allen Company.

GTD® Course Skill

GTD teaches a method for capturing and clarifying everything that has a piece of your attention so you’re free to focus on the tasks and people that matter most.


Capture every commitment you make, whether to yourself or others.


Identify the very next action you must take to move your commitments towards completion.


Organize your commitments in a trusted system—an “external brain.”


Consider existing commitments before you make new ones, or say no with integrity.


Take action with confidence and focus.

renew through review

Get clear on your highest priorities and stay engaged with them through regular reviews.

The Art Of Stress-Free Productivity

Philosophical and practical, Getting Things Done has long been considered the manual for being productive and effective while staying relaxed with a “mind like water.”

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Watch the video to learn more about course skills, learning formats, and delivery options—plus a chance to save on a public course.

Delivery Options

Delivery Solution

Public Program

  • Training sessions whereby participants are from multiple organizations but in the same class.
  • You can enroll your employees in a live in-person or live online public workshop.

In-House Training

  • Exclusive training for your organization with standard content or tailored content to fit your needs in a live in-person or live online inhouse training.

Client Certification

  • For organizations seeking cost-effective ways to implement solutions involving large populations of managers and frontline workers, Crucial Learning certifies on-site client facilitators to teach our content and adapt it to their organization’s needs.

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