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Crucial Influence teaches leadership skills that are essential for leaders at every level of the organization—from new managers to top executives.

What To Expect

Crucial Influence Leadership Course

Crucial Influence is an engaging, practical, hands-on course that gives leaders a new way of seeing the everyday challenges they face and the skills to solve them.

Learn Essential Leadership Skill

Crucial Influence is rooted in 50 years of social science research and teaches the renowned Six Sources of Influence model. The course reveals the personal, social, and structural sources that shape behavior and teaches a method for using these sources to influence people and results.

clarify measurable results

Identify results you want and how you will measure progress.

Identify Vital Behaviors

Identify what two or three behaviors people should do and when they should do them.

diagnose why change seems impossible

Use the Six Sources of Influence to address existing barriers to change.

connect to values

Increase personal motivation by linking behaviors to values.

invest in deliberate practices

Invest in training and practice so people have the skills to do the vital behaviors—even when difficult to do so.


Harness praise and peer pressure to encourage and hold each other accountable.

provide assistance

Ensure help from leaders and mentors is readily available when people need it.

reward with care

Reward those who exhibit the vital behaviors—but do so sparingly.

change the environment

Ensure tools, processes, and spaces are conducive to doing the vital behaviors.

Best Selling Leadership Book

Discover the New York Times bestseller behind the award-winning course. Crucial Influence—the updated third edition of Influencer—unpacks the science of leadership with rich case studies and outlines a proven method for leading change.

Preview The Course

Watch the video to learn more about course skills, learning formats, and delivery options—plus a chance to save on a public course.

Delivery Solution

Public Program

  • Training sessions whereby participants are from multiple organizations but in the same class.
  • You can enroll your employees in a live in-person or live online public workshop.

In-House Training

  • Exclusive training for your organization with standard content or tailored content to fit your needs in a live in-person or live online inhouse training.

Client Certification

  • For organizations seeking cost-effective ways to implement solutions involving large populations of managers and frontline workers, Crucial Learning certifies on-site client facilitators to teach our content and adapt it to their organization’s needs.

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