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For Accountability

Performance Management Improved

Crucial Conversations® for Accountability teaches a process for managing performance, strengthening trust and reliability, and eliminating inconsistency. It provides skills for holding peers accountable—regardless of position or authority.

Introducing to Crucial Conversations® for Accountability.

What You'll Learn

The course teaches nine powerful skills for resolving performance problems, strengthening trust and reliability, and eliminating inconsistency. Learn to hold anyone accountable, no matter their power, position, or authority.

get unstuck

Identify problems contributing to poor results and struggling relationships.

master my stories

Keep composure when feeling angry or defensive and identify what stories you may be telling yourself.

start with heart

Be clear with yourself and others about what you really want.

state my path

Share strong opinions without shutting down others’ viewpoints.

make it safe

Create safety so you can talk with almost anyone about almost anything.


Identify what’s contributing to the gap between expected and actual behavior.

make it easy

Don’t lead with YOUR ideas; start by asking others for theirs.

make it motivating

Highlight natural consequences to motivate rather than using coercion.

move to action

Turn each accountability discussion into a course of action that leads to better outcomes.

Read the best Seller Behind The Course

With more than half a million copies sold, Crucial Accountability continues to improve the health of relationships, teams, and organizations worldwide.

Preview The Course

Watch the video to learn more about course skills, learning formats, and delivery options—plus a chance to save on a public course.

Delivery Options

Delivery Solution

Public Program

  • Training sessions whereby participants are from multiple organizations but in the same class.
  • You can enroll your employees in a live in-person or live online public workshop.

In-House Training

  • Exclusive training for your organization with standard content or tailored content to fit your needs in a live in-person or live online inhouse training.

Client Certification

  • For organizations seeking cost-effective ways to implement solutions involving large populations of managers and frontline workers, Crucial Learning certifies on-site client facilitators to teach our content and adapt it to their organization’s needs.

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