Leading Virtual Teams Program

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The Challenge

It’s not uncommon for leaders to worry about remote workers’ productivity. But remote workers actually tend to keep longer hours and are often more productive than in-office workers. So what’s the real challenge of leading a virtual team? More often than not, the challenge is establishing practices of open, transparent communication that helps your team understand the vision for what they’re meant to accomplish and keeps them engaged in doing great work.

The Challenges

Both managers and team members work in silos, leaving everyone wondering what’s getting done

Solution :
Establish strong strategies for regular 1-on-1 that make work visible and drive team-member engagement.

Team members feel uncertain of what is expected of them or how their work contributes to their organization’s priorities

Solution :
Communicate proactively and clearly about work to be done and delegate effectively in a remote setting.

The isolation of remote work creates distrust or doubt about others’ contributions, or leaves people unsure how to deliver on expectations

Solution :
Create a strong culture of feedback and frequent communication to support the team’s efforts.

Leading Virtual Teams is based on FranklinCovey’s bestselling work session The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team. Developing foundational skills for leading virtually will help anyone leading remote teams, whether they have been doing so for some time or find themselves suddenly doing so as a result of new circumstances.

Program Benefits

(Paid Course)

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