Leading in Turbulent Times Program

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When things turn upside down, it’s even more important for team leaders to step up, reprioritize, and chart a new path toward success. It isn’t enough for you to tell employees they need to change. You need to help them actually do it. But how do you do this when the change is unexpected and out of your control?

The Challenges

Change, especially when it’s unpredictable, leaves us unable to function as usual.

Solution :
Increase communication with your team members to understand how they respond individually and as a team so you can identify strategies for moving forward.

Turbulence shifts both team members and leaders into a reactionary mode.

Solution :
Be more deliberate in planning for successful navigation through change, staying focused on what remains within your Circle of Influence

Change makes established practices less effective or even impossible

Solution :
Embrace the opportunities change presents for rethinking how you operate and find innovative ways to move forward

Leading in Turbulent Times is based on FranklinCovey’s bestselling work session The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team. The mindsets and skillsets will provide you with the strategies to manage change in this unique work environment.

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(Paid Course)

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