Initiating New Sales Opportunities In Challenging Times Program

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Introducing Initiating New Sales Opportunities in Challenging Times

This 90-minute Live-Online™ work session prepares you and your team to slow down and really think about your messaging. Topics will be covered from FranklinCovey’s body of work Helping Clients Succeed.

The Challenges

Tough times make us focus on ourselves and our numbers.

Solution :
Focus on your clients’ numbers, and you will achieve your numbers as well.

We talk too much about services and solutions

Solution :
Diagnose before you prescribe.

We create messaging about us and what we do.

Solution :
Define value from your prospect’s point of view.

Initiating New Sales Opportunities in Challenging Times

This program based on FranklinCovey’s bestselling work session Helping Clients Succeed. The mindsets and skillsets will provide you with the strategies to succeed in this unique work environment

Program Benefits

(Paid Course)

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9:00 am ( 4 Hours )
RM 370 per person (inclusive 6% SST)