Accelerating Change At The Speed Of Trust

The Challenge Leading The Virtual Teams With Trust

Change is happening at an extraordinary and unprecedented rate—not only the pace of change, but also the amount of change and the type of change, which is what the world has just experienced at a phenomenal level with the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the most perishable commodity in a high-change environment is trust. Paradoxically, trust also happens to be the only means by which leaders can generate the speed, commitment, and inspiration necessary to successfully navigate through these difficult times. Indeed, the challenge is amplified when leading virtual teams of today. Not only are leaders required to respond, they are expected to get ahead of it.

The Challenges

Change, especially when it’s unpredictable, leaves us unable to function as usual.

Solution :
Recognise the hidden factor of trust and its multiplier effect to bring out the best results in an organization. Trust is the ONE thing that changes EVERYTHING.

How can I increase trust in my team?

Solution :
Stop looking out and start looking inside. Trust starts with you and your personal credibility. Learn to behave in ways that earn trust.

Do I extend trust to a team member?

Solution :
Apply the Smart Trust matrix to overcome this dilemma.

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