Effective Leadership:

3 Constants to Consider When Navigating the Currents of Change

The challenge for change leaders in the 21st Century
Knowledge Era

We live in a churning, changing environment. There are three constants or realities that leaders can rely on in dealing with the challenges of these turbulent times as they lead their teams and help them navigate the currents of change

Leaders are not sure whether they are making the right call at the right time when helping their teams deal with change

Solution :
Diagnose and know where you and your team are in the natural process of change.

Leaders need to embed something inside them that guides their decisions, a core that’s based on principles

Solution :
Adhere to five effective principles that can provide the leader with a solid core from which to deal with change.

Leaders need to deal with the daunting challenges that can seem intimidating and drive away initiative

Solution :
Leadership is a choice. Switch on the internal power that we have as individuals and choose how we will adapt to the changing realities of these turbulent times.

Effective Leadership: 3 Constants to Consider When Navigating the Currents of Change is adapted from the lessons and tools contained in two FranklinCovey work sessions - 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team and Leaders@Change, as well as material from Dr Stephen R Covey’s best-selling Leadership book,  The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness.

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