Building Business
Acumen Program


Every organization’s survival is dependent on being financially viable and remain profitable. While this is important to know, 90% of the organization is oblivious to the fact and remains blindsided. The idea of business acumen is no more a luxury but a necessity for superior sustained performance.

The Challenges

Employees lack appreciation of how a business is run

Solution :
By teaching the fundamental building blocks of running a business we open up the concept of personal accountability to support each of the building blocks

Too much and too often silo set ups and thinking

Solution :
By integrating the concepts of revenue generation and cost optimization would allow every department to realize their contributions to the bottom line

No idea what is cash flow and how it is generated

Solution :
By appreciating the differences in financial terms and seeing the connections from business transactions will bring to light the life blood of the organization – its cash flow.

A 2-day course on Building Business Acumen is based on FranklinCovey’s work session : What The CEO Wants You to Know. We will teach you the fundamentals aspects within the world of finance, approaching it from a business perspective so that you will be able to see the connectivity from business decisions that make or break the Company and ensure it continues to deliver superior sustained performance. At the end of the session you will appreciate basic financial terminology and its applications.

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21 JULY 2020     |     10:00 am

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