The 5 Choices To Extraordinary Productivity


The paradox of today’s business world is this: with the dizzying pace of technological advancement, it’s at once both easier, and harder than ever before to achieve productivity. The factors that threaten the productivity of a Knowledge Worker today are:

  1. More decisions: Both the complexity and number of decisions a Knowledge Worker must make today has grown exponentially. There are more opportunities for getting it right, and more opportunities for getting it wrong. Often, a very real and significant impact to the business follows from those decisions.
  2. Attention under attack: We have more information, and more demands coming at us, from more people, through more devices than we’ve ever had! So many things compete for our attention! Brain scientists today tell us that our brains are having a hard time coping and deciding what to pay attention to. The impact is that we have a tough time focusing for an extended period of time on any single issue or task; precisely when the nature of our jobs are so much more complex and requires our best thinking if we are to do a good job at it.
  3. Energy crisis: An increasing number of employees today are experiencing “burn-out” many of them experiencing difficulties in falling asleep, to really rest, eat and exercise well and renew themselves. Despite the best of intentions, many just cannot seem to do the great things they really want to do because their energy is spent on the gravel that fill up their daily lives. They never seem to have the time to work on the big rocks that really matter to them.



Will increase the productivity of your work force by enhancing their ability to make selective, high-impact choices as to how they spend their time, attention, and energy. They will learn both the mind-set and skill-set that will enable them to:

  1. Make the right decisions to invest time and energy on the outcomes that are most important.
  2. Use common language to create a common culture where people focus on the important tasks and activities.
  3. Step out of the crevices of the day-to-day and create a motivating vision of what extraordinary productivity means in each of their professional and personal roles.
  4. Eliminate procrastination and handle interruptions.
  5. Operationalize the most important priorities through weekly and daily planning.
  6. Integrate and maximize the use of technology to accelerate productivity.
  7. Turn Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes or Google into a productivity tool.
  8. Utilize an effective workflow process across devices.
  9. Renew and sustain physical and mental energy to avoid burnout.
  10. Maintain a lifestyle that provides and sustains the energy level needed over the long term to achieve extraordinary productivity.


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